Lifestyles 6- Who’s in Charge

     These next individuals are high ranking tacticians in the Gravekeeper’s society. These are the most powerful and feared warriors that ever existed in any generation of keepers:

  • The Chief is a strong a resourceful individual who’s tactics and ideals are considered radical for his time. With the right timing of his men, he uses the power of the dead to inspire and give him aid in times of dire need.
  • The Commandant is a figurehead for the men. Though his overall ability is lacking, what he stands for is much more important. His mask is the pride and soul of Necrovalley. When his men see him, their morale and vigor is boosted for the coming battle. His role as a herald of the Valley is one that cannot be ignored.
  • The Visionary is a most powerful individual. He sits at the head of his forces giving out steady orders. The only one with a higher position than him is the Pharaoh they serve. His love for his men is as undying as his reputation in battle. His silent rage that builds underneath that distinguished masked face is one that men fear most of all from this powerful man. The more his men are slain, the more powerful and ruthless becomes.
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